The PREMIER weekday morning GOLF LEAGUE in Broward County

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Golf League Weekday Warbirds Tournament 2021
United States
Broward County
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Slowly but surely might win a race

BUT on a golf course it leads to a slow pace!

Injured Reserve  


Mon Oct 3:  

Wilbur and Brian, 2 famous SKIN hogs, clean out the SKINS pot winning $78 each!!!

Rich W is now in the $$$ 6 of his last 7 rounds; after a nice $130 earnings for Sept, his 84 net 72 took another $15 for second place today.

Paul had the hottest hand, shooting 78 net 67; taking first and $30.

Wed Oct 5: o

Low Net: Wilbur(81/70) $40; Mick(85/75) $20

$38 CTPs: Coop, Rich T

$15 SKINs Paul D.

Pace of Play: Good

Winnings by rank(since June 1, 2022)

      __A(11)_         __B(9)___            

      $1956             $947

         67%               33%

Next Events 


Mon Oct 10: Pompano Pines($20/$35)

Wed Oct 12: Deer Creek($50/$59+$3tip)

Tournament Week: November 13


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League 19th hole March 2022


League Play Eagle Trace

I can win today!

I can win today!

I can win today!

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