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IR List:  Joe Nestor

Slowly but surely might win a race

BUT on a golf course it leads to a slow pace!


Mon Jan 20: It was fortunate for today's group that MArdie and Lenny took the day off.  On MLK day last year, they came in 1rst and 2nd respectively!  On the ohter hand, Mike G finally shot a round in 2020; his 96 net 67 took first and $30; Mick drafted Mike and shot 84 net 71 for 2nd and $15.  Rich T and Paul M cleaned out the SKINS taking $40 each.  Both CTPs carried.

Wed Jan 15:  Tough track for all! Brian (99) and Paul(86_ both shot net 63 stand tied for first; they each took $27; but Paul added a SKIN for an additional $28.  Lastly Ronny took a $13 CTP.

Pace of Play:  A bit slow; time for NY's resolutions.

MI/MO:  "A" players continue to clean up!

       A             B              C     

    103%      96%         112%   Since Jan 2015
      64%      91%         330%   2020

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Wed Jan 22: Colony West($42ti)

Mon Jan 27: Bonaventure($40)


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I can win today!

I can win today!


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