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IR List:  Joe Nestor

                             Bob Valentine (Married)

Slowly but surely might win a race

BUT on a golf course it leads to a slow pace!


Mon Jun 1: Carl, Mardie, and Tommy make their return a statement; Carl shot 87 net 69 to take first and $45; and Mardie and Tommy won $17 CTPs! Bill A(86/72), Bill G(95/72), and Mick(83/72) tied for second raking in $8 a piece 

Wed Jun 3: 

Pace of Play: Good

MI/MO:  "A" players continue to clean up!

       A             B              C     

    102%      96%         112%   Since Jan 2015
      86%     110%        105%   2020

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Wed Jun 3: Eagle Trace($45)

Mon Jun 8: Pembroke Lakes($30/$40)


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Goodyear Blimp following the Leaders

I can win today!

I can win today!

I can win today!


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